Virtual Financial Controller

Our Virtual Financial Controller service, provides the expert Managerial Accountant advice on call at a fraction of having a full-time employee. 

Trying to control costs within your organisation?

Presenting our solution to help you manage costs and all the financial elements within your company. A paragraph here continuing to explain how your solution solves the pain points of their business in relation to employing their own financial expert in house.

Key Benefits:

Benefits of Outsourcing your financial Control role and if you don’t have one why its time to move forward with one. 

Time Saving

Free up business owners time to get on with running and growing the business.

Cost Saving

Cost saving wages, providing desk space overheads.

No HR Required

Recruitment and staff management can be saved and we will take care of it.


All the tasks will be our responsibility so you won't have to worry about it

Vetted Professionals

All the tasks will be carried out by our highly qualified specialists

Our Service Includes the
following Tasks:

Development and implementation of a Financial Strategy

Setting and accounting for annual/monthly budgets

Cashflow management

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Identify risks to business and minimising them

Monthly cashflow reporting and variance report notes

Support in delivering the business plan

Asset & Inventory management

Debt management

Negotiating with suppliers

Identifying and implementing new/improved systems and processes to increase business efficiency and reduce costs

What you will receive with your money:

Certified Professional

A fully trained professionally qualified senior accountant with minimum 5 years’ experience

Support Team

The support of a team of accountants to support them and ensure all your tasks are completed like clockwork

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind knowing that the below task will be completed on time every time. Without exception

Some common questions we get

We start with a meeting to understand the requirements of your business. So contact us! and book a free consultation.

Based on the calculations below, you could save on average $81,576.08!

The cost to employ a financial manager:

  • Wages range from $71,000 – $160,000 with the average wage being $111,084. Information supplied by 
  • Employing someone on minimum wages include:- 
  • Annual Wages $39,197.60 
  • Super @ 9.5%  $3,723.77 
  • Workers Compensation Insurance cost depends on industry but average 3% of wages + super = $1,287.64 
  • Overheads to provide workspace, computer, telephone, software subscriptions, an estimated average would be approx. $210 per month = $2,520 

Therefore, the total costs to employ a team member on the minimum wage would be $46,729 per annum or $3,894 per month 

If that employee were to be paid the average wage for a Financial Controller this would increase to:- 

  • Annual Wage $111,084 
  • Super @ 9.5% $10,552.98 
  • Workers Compensation @ 3% average $3,619.10 
  • Overheads @ $2,520 

Therefore, the total costs to employ a full-time Financial Controller would be $127,776.08 per annum or $10,648 per month 


The above estimates do not include costs involved to recruittime take by people in your business to train and bring them up to speed, and the biggest issue all small business have is ensuring that the Human Resource component is on point at all times. 

By outsourcing all of the above can be avoided with a fixed monthly fee, clearly defined scope of works and KPI’s and accountability for the entire financial function of your business. 

Our monthly fee is $3,500 + GST per month which = $42,000 + GST which is less than the cost of an employee on minimum wages. 

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