Life Planning

Why we developed MyLifePLAN

  • Are your personal finances in order?
  • Do you need help setting some financial goals?
  • Can you track your portfolios in real-time?
  • Is tax time headache?
  • If your home was destroyed, would you have copies of all of your essential documents?
  • Does your family know where to find your insurance policies, vehicle ownership papers, etc.?

We developed MyLifePLAN to help you make all this happen.

MyLifePLAN is a central register for all matters relating to you. It has been developed to assist you in managing your affairs and to make sure you have all of your important information documented and backed up with bank level security, in the cloud. It also gives you a live snapshot of your entire financial world and allows you to set goals and track your success. It includes your personal, financial, property, insurance information and you can authorise your finance professionals to have access to any or all of it.



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Who should have a MyLifePLAN?

If you don’t have your affairs documented and collated securely in the one place….then we recommend using MyLifePLAN.
If you want to keep track of everything you own and owe with a live view of your personal finances….then we recommend using MyLifePLAN.
If you want to create important goals and link them with your account and credit card transactions to understand how, and when you can achieve them….then we recommend using MyLifePLAN.

Getting where you want to be, starts with a better understanding of where you are now.

What’s involved?

You will have access to your own Wealth Portal that will become the register for all of your essential documents. Together, we will set a timeframe for collating your information, which fits around your commitments. We will give you a follow up call to see how you are progressing and once we set up your Portal, we’ll meet with you to help you get things organised.

Once your Wealth Portal is setup, we will arrange to meet throughout the year to finalise your goals, track your cashflow and then review your annual accounts.

When should I purchase MyLifePLAN?

Imagine the peace of mind and the time you will save when you have all your essential documents stored in a central location and your accounts set up so you can categorise and track your income and expenses.


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Benefits of MyLifePLAN

  • Take action to document your affairs so they are easier to manage.
  • Manage your property paperwork, with live valuations and data feeds.
  • Link all accounts, categorise transactions and track your spending.
  • Set goals and use powerful budgeting tools to get a full picture of your status.
  • Streamline your records, and make tax time easy.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing you are prepared should something unexpected happen.
  • Feel secure knowing all your important documents are stored in the one place.
  • Have access to experience and support from our team.
  • Give access to your trusted advisors, and control what they view.

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