‘In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.’  Dave Hollis

Overnight, our country became a work-from-home and a stay at home nation. Simply by maintaining social distance, staying in our homes, we have collectively flattened the curve and lowered the death rate.

Its hard however, to predict when the life as we have known it, will return to normal. Even when lockdown measures ease, there is still a huge amount of uncertainty. We’re all speculating on when it’ll safe to venture out for a meal, catch the bus or if we are at risk of the “second wave”.  

Businesses are questioning if, and when their customers will come back and if the marketplace will still support them and wondering if they’ll be able to recover.  

The anxiety driven by so much personal and professional uncertainty is still very real. If you’re working from home, you might be still adjusting to the new normal. If you’ve been laid off and are hoping to be rehired, this time is much more anxiety-ridden.

However, there have been some unexpected positives. For many it is a renewed appreciation of our families, friends and colleagues, and a lot of creative cooking.  We’ve spoken to a number of clients who are deeply appreciative of how their teams and business contacts have adapted and how they have a renewed confidence in their business and their people.

Businesses & their employees who were already functioning well with cloud software have found the transition to working remotely reasonably smooth. Some businesses that were partially operating in the cloud were able to complete the leap with their employees and some dedicated IT support.  But what is certain now, is our lives have changed and notwithstanding the truly challenging situations some of us have found ourselves in, through no fault of our own, adjusting our behaviours and settling into new patterns is what is required.  

This flexibility is critical as we continue to adapt to a succession of “new normals”.  Some businesses will be scrambling just to reopen. Individuals and businesses may see a need to pivot, restructure, up-skill or to extend those elements that are working well for them during the lockdown.

As individuals what can be effective right now, is a full-on cleaning house of your own personal economy. Every day, we give dollars, minutes, and clicks to any number of brands, celebrities, media outlets, and big international businesses. You may think they are, in their own small part, meaningless. They’re not.  If there is something that we have learnt over the last few months is the importance of collective power. When your dollars, minutes, and clicks, become collective just like our social distancing choices, they become powerful.  The question to be asking yourself right now, and asking your family, is this: Who and what do you want to support? To whom and to what do you want to give your time and money?

Now is the time to ask yourself what is necessary, what can you live without and dare I say it what brings you joy.  Review your direct debits, cancel subscriptions or memberships that you don’t need. Take one month and look closely at just how you spent your money, your time, and your energy. As we come out of this “Great Pause”, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to unsubscribe, so that you can resubscribe to a life you actually want.  Focus on becoming sustainable and build flexibility to respond to the new normal.  Sit down, plan and make it happen. Have a plan! 

Concentrate and make a conscious decision about what you want in your life, your wallet, your calendar — and, by extension, our collective world.

If you’re uncertain about the impact of COVID-19, please do come and talk to us. well Zoom with us! We’ll help you get in control of your personal finances, prioritise the right elements of your business and find a strategy that prepares you for the post-coronavirus market.

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