Hubdoc can help

Free with your Xero subscription, Hubdoc files all your financial Docs in one place, automatically. You can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.

Say hello to increased productivity and automation

Hubdoc is a data capture tool which extracts key data from documents, then creates transactions in Xero. No more data entry, no more filing. You can Email bills and receipts straight into Hubdoc, use the mobile app to upload a photo or set up automated connections so every time you get a bill from a particular supplier it goes straight into Hubdoc.

Key Benefits:

Benefits of integrating Hubdoc into your business. 

Time Saving

Free up your time to get on with running and growing the business.


Simplify your document workflow and manage everything from one secure location.

Reduce Data Input

Automatically extracts key data from your documents

Unlimited usage

Multiple users & collaborators available

XERO Integration

Seamlessly sync documents and their data to Xero for one-click reconciliation and audit-proofed books.

Hubdoc turns paperwork into data you can use.

Snap a Photo with the App

Email your Paperwork directly into the App

Scan/Upload your Documents

Extracts the key data for you.

Add your accounts in a flash

Pull historical bills & statements

Integrates & syncs easily with other platforms like XERO

Audit-Proof your business

Access anytime, anywhere.

Export Docs & collaborate

Cloud backup made easy

Examples of how it can help you focus on business growth and efficiencies

“We would easily spend a full day each week doing manual data entry, but now we can do the same amount of work in about 10 minutes because the documents we get are sorted by client, and the data is already entered. You can imagine how freeing the workflow was for us.” 

“We can make sure things are pushed to Xero properly.  Hubdoc automatically authorises the invoices in Xero. It’s great because we get documents automatically, the data is pulled from them, we can push to Xero with one click, the transactions are created and authorised, and the documents show up in Xero seamlessly.”

 “Before Hubdoc, I would spend two to three hours sorting, scanning, then sending my documents. Now, it’s all done in about half an hour because it’s an easy photo and then it’s done.”

Some common questions we get

At the moment, Hubdoc is available free with your Xero subscription.

So contact us! and book a free consultation.

contact us! and book a free consultation.  If you’re the subscriber to a Xero organisation, follow these steps to set up Hubdoc.

  1. Log in to Xero
  2. Click your oganisation name and select Hubdoc from the memory
  3. Select Set up Hubdoc

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