A Personal message to our Clients plus some Initial Analysis and Stimulus package information

COVID-19 has introduced many new challenges to our community and businesses. None more so than our consistent, if not increasing level of anxiety.

No doubt a lot of important and stressful things are occupying your mind right now. Feelings of worry, fear, panic – all natural responses which often are difficult to control.

However it is really important, vital, for you, your family and your business, to remember that being in the grip of panic can limit us in any crisis, let alone the re-set which we are currently experiencing.

Just when we need to think clearly and stay calm, panic tosses our brain into foggy thinking and tenses our body. Anxiety is a natural response in this unprecedented time, but resilience enables us to keep calm and look to the future.

Resilience means being able to recover from upsets more quickly so we can think at our best and stay calm.

Focusing on building resilience, staying positive, and thinking laterally will see us through.

At the risk of sounding dismissive, if self-isolation means that we need to work from or stay at home, than we need to find new ways of connecting positively to support our colleagues and our communities.

If social distancing means that your business is facing downturn, then we need to think laterally and find ways to innovate and fine tune processes.  Fix things that may not be working, things that you’ve put off or never got around to, or had time to analyse in detail.

Our daily routines have been upended but please know that opportunities will present themselves and if we are thinking clearly, and calmly, we will better equipped to see them.

BPI is committed to providing continued service and we will be keeping you up-to-date on any tax and stimulus relief packages that may be relevant to you.

If you would like to talk to us, please feel free to give us call to discuss your concerns. We are all working remotely but our office landline has been forwarded to our office mobile, which our Practice Manager, Jess has under control. Leave a message and she will direct your call appropriately. We are all available on email.

We want to keep in touch and assist you to find the best way forward for your families and your business.   We will keep you informed with any further updates.

Assistance is on its way so please stay positive.

On that note, on top of measures announced on 12 March 2020, the Government yesterday released a further significant relief package

Federal Government releases second COVID-19 stimulus package to support Australian households and businesses

Some of the most important measures in yesterday’s “Stage 2” assistance package include:

  1. Cashflow boost for employers.
  2. Support for Sole traders, individuals and households
  3. Assistance to business to help them stay in business
Please CLICK HERE to read our Initial Analysis

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